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 Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine.

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221b Baker St
221b Baker St

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PostHalloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine.

OCTOBER 28TH, 2012

Welcome to Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine. Every month we'll be updating the magazine so you can keep up with all the spooky events going on!


Ghost Stories.....................Orange
Take the Quiz.....................Purple
Candy of the Month.............Green
Costume of the Month.........Red
Ask Jack.............................Sky Blue
Halloween Moments.............Teal
Wanna be on HH?................Light Green

This story was brought to you by Mitfy

A man named Fred walked into a motel. He went up to the man behind the counter.
"Do you have any rooms available for 3 nights?" Fred asked the man.
The man looked at his computer and said, "Rooms 12 and 14 are empty."
Fred then asked, "Is 13 available?"
"No sir, there is no room 13."
So then Fred chose room 14. He paid for the room, then parked his car by his room. As he walked up to his room, he noticed the door to his left was marked Room 13. The man behind the counter siad there was no room 13. So that's when Fred decided to look in the keyhole. There, he saw a pale woman in a large, white dress, with red eyes, staring at the ceiling. Fred went to his room.
The next day, Fred went outside to go the the swimming pool. When he came back an hour later, he once again looked in the keyhole of room 13. The woman was still there, in the same position, but closer to the door.
On the final day of Fred's stay, it was pouring rain. Fred ran to the main office to check out. Then, he runs back to his room. He rolls out his suitcase, and looks in the keyhole of Room 13 one last time. Al he saw was a red eye staring back at him.
Then lightning struck.

This quiz is made by Mitfy

Buy or make your costume?

1. Do you already know who you're being for Halloween?
a) Yes
b) No

2. Are you very creative?
a) Yes
b) No

3. Do you go Trick or treating/to parties on Halloween?
a) Yes, definitely!
b) No, I just dress up and hand out candy. ^.^

4. You make/buy your costume....
a) At the last minute
b) A week or two early

5. Your costume requires a certain hairstyle + color. You...
a) Get your hair colored (dye that washes out when taking a shower) and style it!
b) Put your hair into the style and nothing else / buy/make a wig.

Mostly A's...
You should totally make your costume!

Mostly B's...
Well, it might be best for you to buy your costume...

According to huffingtonpost.com

The Candy of the month for october is.....
Kit Kat!
"The perk in getting a Kit Kat on Halloween, is that with the abundance of candy around, you don't have to "break off a piece" and share your chocolate covered wafer."

According to businessinsider.com

The costume of the month for October is...
A Pirate!
If you're going to be a pirate, you might see a few others too!

Example Question made by Mitfy

Dear Jack,
My friend and I are debating over what to be for Halloween. I want to be ghosts, but he wants to be zombies. Whenever we ask somebody who they think we should be, they always say something like, "Whoever you want to be". So I am asking for your advice. Thanks in Advance!
--Ghost! [Zombie?]

Dear G[Z],
I do agree that it is hard to decide. My suggestion is, that if you're making the costume, choose the easier one to make. It'll take less time, and you'll be all ready for Trick or treating! If you're buying the costume, I say that you should look at both costumes, and choose the one that is higher quality. Unless, you want to do it the old fashioned way: flip a coin! Hopefully now you'll be able to decide easier. I remember I chose to be Sandy Claws, but oh boy, what a mistake I made!
--Jack Skellington .

This true Halloween moment was shared by Mitfy

I was watching a Back at the Barnyard Halloween episode about this kid (Hockey Mask Bob) who had huge feet and wore a hockey mask when trick or treating, and all the kids stole his candy. So Bob would hide his candy in a hole in the trunk of a tree. (Now as an adult) if you took his candy from the tree, he'd come and kill you or something. So in the middle of the episode, my friend arrives at my house to come trick or treating. We watch the rest of the episode and go out trick or treating. We start to head down this dead-end road, then suddenly we see this huge guy with big feet wearing a hockey mask, and he starts to follow us. We ran back up the street screaming! It was actually kinda funny...


If you'd like to be featured on HH, fill out one of these forms and PM it to Mitfy (me). Thank you so much! Very Happy


Section;; Ghost Stories


Section;; Take the quiz

Section;; Take the quiz
Result on last month's quiz;;


Section;; Candy of the Month
Opinion to last month's choice;;


Section;; Costume of the Month
Opinion to last month's choice;;


Section;; Ask jack
Ending Name (ex. Annoyed Albert, Really Bored, etc;);;

*Your username will be tagged in small print under the title. If you do not want this, please include this with your form!


Section;; Halloween Moments

Thank you for reading this month's edition of Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine. Very Happy Have a nice day!


I got dibs on Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Legolas, Thorin, and Kili. NO TOUCH!
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Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine. :: Comments

Re: Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine.
Post on Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:33 pm by Bandycoot01
Awesome! Smile
221b Baker St
Re: Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine.
Post on Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:34 pm by 221b Baker St
Thank you, Andy!
Re: Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine.
Post on Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:22 am by em_shortcakes
omg mitfy..you have the creativest mind...xD
221b Baker St
Re: Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine.
Post on Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:51 am by 221b Baker St
xD Thanks so much Em! And happy late Bday! <3

Halloween Horrorz! HM's Official Magazine.

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